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Novastar TB2 asynchronous and synchronous controller sending

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Usage/Application Led Screen
Color RGB
Voltage 5 V DC
Class T Class
Model Name/Number TB2
Power 15W
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Time Delay Real Time
Switch Controller For Taurus Control
Cpu Frequency 1.5 GHz eight-core processor
Memory 8 GB on-board internal storage space with 4 GB available for users
Network WIFI
Warranty 1 Year
Size 182*115*34mm

A sender box is required to send the signal from the computer to the LED displays with the help of CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable. We can control the LED screen from laptop via sender box and minimize the size of control computer.

Nova T-series multimedia player, a next-generation product that combines powerful performance, stability and security, to provide users with a diverse range of solutions.

The T-series is suitable for digital signage, fixed installation screens, as well as pole screens in applications including advertising, digital signboards, commercial displays and Smart Cities. Taurus is the unparalleled choice for smart display systems.

1.2Ghz Four-core Processor
Support Wifi controller and 3G/4G (Option)
Support both sync and Async controll
Support for 1080P Video Hardware decoding
Operating Memory: 1G,8Gstock(4G available)
Support: 650000 pixel loading capacity with max width of 1920 and height 1080 Pixel

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¥32,000 税込